The easy way to get the answers to your KnowBe4 Home Internet Security Course questions! FAQs on doing the training and troubleshooting – all in one place!

Which browsers are supported?

Want to learn how to keep your family safe on the Internet? Here are the system requirements you need, how to get started and how the rest of your household can do the course. The following browsers are supported:
– Windows: Chrome 17.0+, FireFox 2+, and Internet Explorer 6+
– MacOS: Chrome 17.0+, FireFox 2+, and Safari 2+
– Linux: Chrome 16.0+ and FireFox 2+
– Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari require Flash Player 6.0 or higher. (Chrome has Flash built-in.)
– You can find Flash Player here:
– A minimum screen resolution of 800—600 is required to view courses.
– Pop-up Blocker Disabled.
– Flash.

You can share your account with your family members, or you can send them an invite to do the course which you will find on the training login page.
Note: a slow wireless connection could cause delays in video playback.


How long is this course?

The 9 segments add up to about 60 minutes worth of course time, depending on your learning speed.

The training screen is not coming up.

This course is designed to function like a website.  Each lesson acts like a unique page on that website.  When you finish watching a video or clicking through an activity, just scroll down the page to continue the lesson.  When you reach the end of each page, or lesson, you will find a button directing you to the next lesson.

If you have issues viewing, you may need to disable the pop-up blocker of your browser.

Is there a Resource I can print out on Social Engineering Red Flags, is that possible?

Here is a copy (PDF), you could give this to all family members so they can print it out and have a copy.

Does this training work on my iPad?

Yes, it should. 

Wow, I went through the whole course. Do you have something like this for my place of work?

Yes, we do. There is an enterprise version of this course that takes Kevin Mitnick's 30 years of hacking experience and KnowBe4's IT Security experience and condenses it to a 30-minute on-the-job training using the browser on your workstation at the office. Here is more about the enterprise version, please forward to your IT guys?

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